Herb Vocabulary

Vocabulary listing for Tag alder


catalytic:  Causing or pertaining to an alterative effect


coriaceous:  Resembling leather, tough.


decoction:  The act of, or process of boiling.  A medicine or other substance prepared by boiling.


dyspepsia:  Impairment of the power or function of digestion.


emetic:  Causes the act of vomiting.


fistulous:  A deep sinuous ulcer, often leading to an internal hollow organ.


hamamelis:  The leaves and bark of witch hazel.


hematuria:  Discharge of bloody urine.  


Impetigo:  An inflammatory skin disease characterized by isolated pustules.  


lacteal secretion:  Pertaining to the flow of milk.


leukorrhaea:  A whitish viscid discharge from the vaginal and uterine cavity.


mammae:  Mammary glands, breasts.


marasmus:  progressive wasting and emaciation, especially such a wasting in infants when there is no obvious or ascertainable cause.


nux vomica.:  The poisonous seed of strych’nos  nux vomica, a loganiacous tree of the East Indies.  


pistillate:  Female organ of the plant.


prurigo:  A chronic disease marked by the development of small, pale papules and intense itching.  The papules are deep seated, and the disease begins in childhood and lasts through life, being usually incurable.


putrefactive:  decaying


retrograde metamorphosis:  A degeneration: more often a retrograde metabolic change.  


rhus:  A poisonous tree or shrub.


rumex crispus:  Yellow dock.


scrofulosis:  Tuberculosis of the lymphatic glands, and sometimes of bones and joint surfaces, with slowly suppurating abscesses and fistulous passages, the inflamed being subject to cheesy degeneration.  


scorbutus:  Latin for scurvy.  


scurfy tetter:  dandruff, skin diseases.


staminate:  Male organ of the plant.


suppuration:  The formation of pus.  The act of becoming converted into and discharging pus.