About Us


Blue Boy herbs is a combination of healing services under one roof.  We are a growing healing center with a full time massage therapist.  We wild craft our own herbs, and also offer classes on native herbs.  However, our mainstay is the herbal products we have been producing for the last twenty five years.  The results have been very enlivening.  

We have an on-site shiatsu massage therapy program.  Shiatsu is the most healing of all massage therapies. Our massage therapist, Linda Martin, graduated from Blue Cliff School of Massage, and is currently teaching massage there.  We also offer a massage outreach program, where if enough people are interested, Linda will travel to do massage in that area.

 If you would like one in your area please contact us.  All appointments should be directed by emailing blue.boy@datastar.net which is Blue Boy and we will coordinate an appointment.  


The classes we offer on native medicinals goes on periodically and information is available on request.  Generally the classes are done on Saturdays from 10 until three and include a sumptuous vegetarian meal all for twenty dollars.  Check out a part of what you will see on a herb walk.  Darrell can be available for talks in clubs, schools, and herb groups in your area.  Email to schedule one in your area.   


Most of our clients are not in traveling range, so our major service is phone consultations.  We simply use our 25 years of experience in herbalism, and our extensive herbal library, to find the best herbal combination for your condition.  Our herbalist, Darrell Martin, is a well known educator in the herbal science.  Our phone consultation is very simple and does not involve a physical examination.   Our library of herbal writings is one of the best available and contains many older books which are very hard to find.  Our key to herbal success is having outstanding reference works and great herbal preparations.  



To get the free consultation simply email blue.boy@datastar.net to discuss your particular needs.  

Blue Boy Herb Company is the fruition of an inspirational search to validate the premise that God has created herbs and plants with complete symmetry to aid all living beings in their ultimate purpose of returning to our original eternal spiritual position.  In the case of herbs this is displayed through the amazing ability of herbs to cure disease.  Many times today it is the premise that only certain herbs have medicinal properties and that science will discover their uses.  While definitely this method of ascending knowledge through laboratory and other forms of experimentation is useful, it should not by any means be considered the main resource for herbal knowledge.  


It is a fact that many physicians in the past have used herbal medicines with very effective results.  It is our understanding that all herbs are created for a specific purpose by God and are an integral part of the natural order.  Our understanding is that the knowledge has eternally existed and is handed down.

 This system of acquiring knowledge is called descending knowledge and is based on the premise that God created a perfect system and gradually this knowledge has deteriorated.  It is diametrically opposed to the concept of evolution whereby it is supposed everything is advancing.  Actually it is our conclusion based on the study of ancient literature that in reality knowledge is decreasing due to disregard for the knowledge which was previously presented on this planet by God in the form of the ancient Vedic literature.  


Veda means all knowledge and thus much of the ancient herbal knowledge was derived from the Vedas.  It simply requires the ability to understand this link.  Much of this knowledge is still available due to the contribution of previous physicians in the form of extensive reference works.  The most important is the Eclectic School of Medicine, which was very popular in the previous century.  It may sound revolutionary, but more and more it is being proven that the botanical medical knowledge developed in the previous centuries is still very relevant.  


Beyond this it should be apparent to all of us that herbs were created by God for the purpose of healing disease.  Although now this concept of a creator is considered unscientific, it is in fact the most scientific.  The only difficulty is how to reestablish the knowledge concerning the efficacy of particular herbal remedies.  This is our purpose.  Using credible leads we are able to gradually reintroduce the use of some not so famous herbs to the general public.  


I have repeatedly seen wonderful results acting upon the simple premise that the past physicians work is as credible as the scientific research done today.  For instance if a previous physician such as Dr. Cook in his Physio-Medical dispensatory recorded good success in menstrual obstruction using the root bark of the yellow poplar (Tulipfera Liriodendron), then why would it not be effective in the same disorder today.  Although you might have trouble finding someone who would be aware of its properties, the fact is that it does really work.  In this work Dr.  Cook recommended its combination with squaw vine (Mitchella repens) and white water lily (Nymphaea Odorata).  Following this lead we have created a formula for this common condition.  It has been met with marked success.  Finding exactly how Dr.  Cook got his knowledge in this regard would require quite an in-depth search but ultimately it was handed down, and much came from the native Americans which much came from their ancestry which ultimately came from the ancient Vedic culture.  


So in this regard desiring to heal disease and work in harmony with God we have created formulas from the work of these previous physicians.  This is the case in all of our preparations.  Each one has been taken from the leads of previous learned physicians and now we are introducing them one after another and the results are very gratifying.  So this is what Blue Boy is all about, reintroducing herbal medicines based upon their historical uses.  


The second part of good health is to live a lifestyle which is conducive to this end.  I am a firm believer that vegetarianism is an integral part of good health.  It affects both the physical body and the spiritual nature.  I have seen that if one is able to adopt this very healthful change in diet, that many good results will follow and the effectiveness of herbal preparations will be definitely enhanced.  
We hope that we can be of service to you and therefore God may be pleased with our endeavor, because ultimately all of us beings come from the same original Father and are therefore actually brothers and sisters.  It stands to reason that by helping our brothers and sisters we will please our Father.  Therefore this endeavor is a no lose scenario in which all participants will be benefited.  Not only in this lifetime, but society in general for many generations to come will reap the results of our success in reviving this God given science.

Contact us any time via email at blue.boy@datastar.net