Brain tonic

BRAIN TONIC-  This formula is very good for increasing cerebral function.  It regenerates brain tissue and increases circulation to the brain.  It will also help with eyesight via the nutrition to the optic nerve.  It has Bacopa which is in Ayurveda commonly called Brahmi.  Brahmi is famous for yogic practice increasing memory.  The wormwood is well documented in AyurVeda for growing brain tissue.  It is a litte bitter so it can be left out if desired. Of course, gota kola, which is our native species shown by the  Ole Miss research center to be 5 times more active for memory than the Asian species.   Ginkgo  Leaves from our own trees harvested when yellow ripe.  Dose 30-60 drops three to 5 times a day.  Even once makes a lot of difference.  It can also be used with success in alzheimer’s.  CONTAINS:Centella erecta(Gota kola) ,Ginkgo Biloba (Ginkgo leaves), Bacopa Carolina (Brahmi) ,  Artemesia absinthimum (Wormwood).