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BOILEX-herbs specifically for boils. contains iris root, poke root and tag alder bark. TAG ALDER (Alnus Serrulata) is very well documented for successive crops of Boils. Boils are created in the digestive tract with incomplete assimilation and boils are a direct indication of digestive issues. It is interesting because Tag Alder is very good for creating absorption of nutrition while removing waste. The Poke root (Phytolacca Decandra) was very much noted as an alterative used in all skin eruptions. Iris Virginiana is also made famous in Eclectic medicine as an alterative used in all skin and glands. This formula is not just pallitive but can actually cure the condition. THE DOSAGE IS SMALL DOSES FREQUENTLY REPEATED. 30 DROPS IS MAXIMUN BUT FREQUENTLY AS MUCH AS 5 times a day.I repeat it is recommended in 30 drops as many as five times a day. Frequently repeated small doses are very effective. Externally applied calendula healing salve is a great combination for healing the boils locally.

GOUT FORMULA- These herbs help move uric acid and deposits that build up in the joints. GOUT IS HYPERACIDITY. THE HERBS WHICH TREAT GOUT ALSO TREAT SUCH DEPOSITS AS STONE DEPOSITS ANYWHERE IN THE BODY. They are called anti-lithic herbs. In essence they change the body to Alkaline from Acidic. This formula contains: POKE BERRIES (Phytolacca Decandra berries) GRAVEL ROOT (Eupatorium Purpereum Root), HYDRANGEA (HYDRANGEA ARBORESCENS ROOT), STONE BREAKER (Phyllanthus Urinaria) made famous in Ayurveda for Gout. and WILD CHERRY (Prunus Serotina). Wild Cherry bark is much noted for changing Hyperacidity to Alkaline via the Digestive Glands. This formula was originally created for a cook in Germany who couldn’t stay on his feet due to pain from Gout and so we made it up and Lo and Behold he was very happy with the results and this encouraged us to make a Got formula DOSAGE in teaspoon to Tablespoons 3 to five times a day for strong impression in acute conditions.

Spleen/pancreas- this is a well documented combination of herbs that were used for many disorders of the spleen and pancreas. in spleenitis or any painful condition of the spleen this formula will prove very useful. it is also good to build the spleen or pancreas when there are indicated weaknesses. CONTAINS: NEW JERSEY TEA LEAVES AND ROOT(Ceonothus Americanus) , POKE ROOT (Phytolacca Decandra) and BEARSFOOT ROOT (Polymnia Uvedalia). This formula is world class in the integrity of these particular herbs in Spleen and Pancreas disorders. DOSAGE: 15 TO 30 DROPS FIVE TIMES A DAY WOULD BE A VERY EFFECTIVE RANGE.

STONE ROOT-WITCH HAZEL :A formula designed for healing varicose veins and hemorrhoids. This is a famous eclectic formula used in all venous weakness. Our wqitch Haze Extract which is triple distilled bark of Witch hazel Bark (Externally applied) is great to add to this formula for a regimen for varicose and spider vEIns, and Hemmorhoids which are in fact due to venous weakness. This formula may be taken internally and applied externally. contains stone root and witchhazel leaves

YEAST FORMULA : A blend of herbs that are antifungal to help the body get rid of candida yeast infections of the digestive and urinary tract. Would combine great with the KIDNEY TONIC TO HELP CLEANSE. contains- BLACK WALNUT GREEN HUSKS (Juglans nigra),HORSEMINT (Monard Punctata stems) TAG ALDER (ALnus serrulata bark), POKE ROOT (Phytollaca decandra) and SPANISH MOSS (usnea). thirty drops three to five times a day over a three week period. Also combines with the BLACK WALNUT FORMULA FOR PARASITES.