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This formula is representative of our local bitter herbs. These bitters are a type of cure all for many conditions like indigestion, liver problems, and helps to stimulate all the glands to higher level of proper functions. In this sense it goes very well with the digestive tonic and liver tonic and also the immunex because the development of immune cells are greatly enhanced via the lymhatic system. In essence wise men use this formula to increase long life. CONTAINS–Root bark of Liriodendron tulipfera (Tulip Poplar), Callicarpa Americanus (Beautyberry) root.
Cornis Florida (Dogwood Bark). It should be taken around mealtimes to add the natural bitter flavors that are largely absent from our western diets. The normal 15-30 drops in water is a good doage reccomendation unless one is recovering from a high fever or extended illness in which case it can be taken 5 times a day to restore the digestive function and help increase healing.